What a time to be alive — the astonishing rise of Ethereum in recent days has led to renewed interest in DeFi. …

Piggy has launched 2nd round LP mining this Tuesday. The LP pool APY has reached up to 5,479%, atracted more than 409K USD in total for 4 days. More activitIes and projects have been under discussion and process with my team. Piggy as always with it’s continuously effort to provide…

0717–0723 Weekly Update

Here comes Piggy, where wealth gets wings!

Piggy’s development team insist to build the better blockchain product. Here comes our weekly updates:

#Venus migrate tool

Compared with Venus, Piggy has several key advantages: 1. Lower Collateral Ratio, Borrow More With The Same Collateral. 2. One time fee. 3. Minimum Governance…


  • You asked, we listened. The voice of the Piggy Finance community was not only heard, but implemented into Round Two of the Liquidity Mining Program!
  • Round Two includes several key improvements to Round One, all outlined in a helpful table below.
  • The previously chosen pairs of PIGGY/BNB and PUSD/BUSD…

Piggy Finance is proud to announce its newest feature: Predictions! Commit $PUSD on the Prediction tab to put your money where your mouth is: and win big while you’re at it!

What predictions can I make?

To allow the Piggy community to enjoy the full force of this unbelievable past football weekend, the Predictions feature…

Piggy Finance, one of the newest yet most stable borrowing and lending solutions in DeFi, offers everyday users the easiest and most lucrative way to get the best out of their $BNB.

A common misconception surrounding DeFi is that it’s complicated and time-consuming to get started. In this guide, we’ll…

Here comes Piggy, where wealth gets wings!

Although the BNB price drops from $370 to $230 within these 2 weeks, the Piggy protocol and PUSD is very stable because of the liquidation mechanism we used. In the other hand, we remind all of the users to keep a safe collateral…


  • Volatility is tarnishing the image of crypto as a safe place to park assets and reap returns
  • Piggy Finance proves greater stability is possible through its comprehensive portfolio of borrowing and lending services
  • Though risks still exist and liquidation is possible if users aren’t careful, Piggy loan products allow…

Here comes Piggy, where wealth gets wings!

This is the first week of Piggy’s launch, and we got a strong head start!

We have reached $30 Million TVL on Piggy within 2 days!

The borrowing and lending landscape in the DeFi economy is marred with challenges that are yet to be fully addressed. Key among the challenges is high collateralization, which makes borrowing and lending a cumbersome endeavor for the more significant majority in the market.

Because of desired profit margins, some DeFi…

Piggy Finance

Where wealth get wings! Stake with us, your decentralized piggy bank on #BSC! Stake and earn now: piggy.fi Telegram: t.me/piggyfinanceofficial

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