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3 min readJul 16, 2021

Piggy Finance is proud to announce its newest feature: Predictions! Commit $PUSD on the Prediction tab to put your money where your mouth is: and win big while you’re at it!

What predictions can I make?

To allow the Piggy community to enjoy the full force of this unbelievable past football weekend, the Predictions feature launched in mid-July, allowing fans to show their support for their favorite teams during two massive, incredibly exciting tournaments: the Copa America and the EURO 2020s. Football fans within the Piggy community were able to support their favourite team with their $PUSD, and win big from the prize pools — the final values of each event’s pool are shown below.

In the future, users will be able to make predictions about more than just sporting events: so wherever your interests may lie, there’ll probably be a chance for you to make a prediction about it on the Piggy app!

How does it work?

Making predictions and earning prizes is simple. Head over the Prediction tab on the Piggy Finance app, where you’ll get a list of the prize pools available today, showing you the current value of the prize pool and potential payout.

Choose the prediction you’d like to support, and a pop-up window will appear: allowing you to choose how much you’d like to commit.

After entering the value of the funds to commit, you’ll have to press the Approve button first, so that Piggy Finance will be allowed to commit your funds for you. After approval has been received, you’ll then be able to press Confirm, and will officially be ready to earn prizes.

If you win, you’ll receive a prize based on the size of the prize pool at the end of the prediction session, not at the time that you committed your $PUSD. That means it’s never too late to put your hat in the ring, as prize pools are constantly updated in real-time.

Piggy Finance confirms which prediction has ended up accurate from multiple sources, and if the situation arises where there is no result due to force majeure, everyone who committed $PUSD gets their funds back!

Where can I get $PUSD?

There are two ways you can obtain $PUSD to commit to prize pools.

First off, you can obtain $PUSD loans right here on Piggy Finance.

Piggy Finance’s main feature is that it allows users to use their $BNB as collateral in order to receive interest-fee loans in $PUSD, with collateralization ratios as low as 110%. Click here to learn how to open a PiggyBank and borrow $PUSD. Besides earning prediction prizes, borrowing $PUSD allows you to earn a variety of rewards through multiple avenues: whether you want to deposit it to our Stability Pool, stake it in our Staking Pool, or swap it for $BUSD to enjoy a huge variety of opportunities within the Binance Smart Chain… chances to earn are everywhere!

Secondly, you can head over to DODO , and swap for $PUSD with a huge variety of different coins.

Simply choose from DODO’s list of supported coins and swap for $PUSD so you can jump into a prize pool right away.

So what are you waiting for? Get your thinking hat on, and start predicting and committing $PUSD now!



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