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2 min readJul 26, 2021

0717–0723 Weekly Update

Here comes Piggy, where wealth gets wings!

Piggy’s development team insist to build the better blockchain product. Here comes our weekly updates:

#Venus migrate tool

Compared with Venus, Piggy has several key advantages: 1. Lower Collateral Ratio, Borrow More With The Same Collateral. 2. One time fee. 3. Minimum Governance on core protocol parameters. It’s very attractive to some of the Venus users, but it’s a complicated process if they want to repay their debt and withdraw the collateral on Venus and do this again on Piggy. Moreover, their debt must be locked or used in other protocol, they need to withdraw the debt back. We develop this tool for those users who want to use Piggy protocol easily migrate their BNB collateral and BUSD debt to BNB collateral and PUSD debt.

#Other updates

We have made a lot of other miner changes to make the better user experience.

Community Activities

This week we got 3 major updates:

Do you have tons of ideas in mind you want to share?

Share your suggestions with Piggy Team, and earn up to 1000 $PIGGY Token!

Share your thoughts now: https://discord.gg/t5h5UueeQM

Bounty details: https://docs.piggy.fi/documentation/suggestion-bounty

Another round of LP mining has arrived to Piggy, round two includes several key improvements to round one:

Learn more here: https://piggyfinanceofficial.medium.com/liquidity-mining-with-piggy-another-round-please-d6d8c9a52312

And if you missed the AMA between Grenade- The leading crypto media in Taiwan and Piggy, here is the recap:


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