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2 min readAug 1, 2021


Piggy has launched 2nd round LP mining this Tuesday. The LP pool APY has reached up to 5,479%, atracted more than 409K USD in total for 4 days. More activitIes and projects have been under discussion and process with my team. Piggy as always with it’s continuously effort to provide better services to all users. Join Piggy to start your wealth journey.

Piggy’s development team insist to build the better blockchain product. Here comes our weekly updates:

#2nd Round Liquidity Mining Incentive Pool Launch

We have launched our 2nd round liquidity mining pool. We had a very productive discussion among our community. After the discussion, we had decided to incentivize the PIGGY/BNB pair and PUSD/BUSD pair. And we will have longer time and bigger incentive to do 2nd round liquidity mining.

#Airdrop Tool

To bring more new users to our protocol, we make an airdrop tool to help. Compared to the traditional airdrop, Piggy’s needs users to come back to the website to claim their reward. This will reduce the waste of token. Because traditional airdrop may lose a lot of tokens, users won’t be aware of the tokens which we airdrop to them.

#Golff Pool

It’s very excited that we have partnered with Golff. Golff is postioned as a one-stop services encrypted bank, committing to creating a light, open and free financial world where everyone can participate. At this time, we are standing at the starting point of the DeFi explosion, facing the vast future of the DeFi world. The Golff Pool will last for 30 days and we will have more strategic partners to bring different tokens to our community members.

Community Activities:

We have 2 major pool launched this week, and the community is thrived about it.

Got better idea in mind? Make sure you join our Suggestion Bounty program, help us map out our eco system:

Share your thoughts now: https://discord.gg/t5h5UueeQM

Bounty details: https://docs.piggy.fi/documentation/suggestion-bounty

We will update our prediction feature soon, stay tuned!

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