Piggy’s Weekly#1

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3 min readJun 13, 2021

Here comes Piggy, where wealth gets wings!

This is the first week of Piggy’s launch, and we got a strong head start!

We have reached $30 Million TVL on Piggy within 2 days!

Our development team is also dedicated to providing updates as below:

  1. Core smart contract code security review
    Piggy team always treat security as our priority and code auditing is in the process, we will provide further updates as we receive confirmation from the auditing side.
  2. Frontend UI update
    We have updated and completed a lot of touch-ups in order to optimize the user experience;
  • Added guidelines and risk warning text;
  • Improved UI design on Borrow & Repay tab
  • Optimized real-time token price display.-

Check out our Whitepaper now. And get start!


The Piggy Team just hosted their first AMA yesterday and it is a great success, we have received numerous questions from the community on our Discord, here are a few selected highlights:

AlexHamster :
Awesome. It was said that there was a security audit — how is that coming along?

Piggy: we are told the report should release by the end of July. Auditors are a busy bunch. Rest assured, our code is based on audited code by Liquity. You can check their audits here: https://docs.liquity.org/documentation/resources

Investors need to fully consider the market volatility we are in right now. With this in mind, which target group of the audience are you after?

Piggy: We are after all $BNB holders. Because we want you to hold onto your $BNB and get maximum liquidity on your holdings (i.e. cash). This makes $BNB a much better asset to hold and helps the whole $BSC ecosystem.

How is Piggy Finance gonna work towards preventing Flash Loan attacks such suffered by many projects on BSC recently?

Flash loan attacks usually attempt to manipulate the price of a token for causing a temporary disruption to a protocol. Piggy uses only $BNB as collateral. With the current market cap of $BNB, it is not possible to manipulate $BNB in order to cause, for example, a slew or liquidations. Manipulating the $PIGGY price or the $PUSD price for a few seconds will not cause harm to users. Same reason why Liquity (the protocol we are based on) hasn’t suffered these attacks in over 2 months of being live.

If you got more questions for the Team, you may join our Telegram channel or stay tuned to our next AMA!

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